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G. Eugene Pichler Biography

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G Eugene Pichler is a beat writer, focusing on the transgender, transsexual space. In January, 2007 Emily Mills then of the diversity programming group of CTV News invited Pichler as an expert on the trans subject matter.


G Eugene Pichler, the author of The Transsexual Delusion—The Men and Women Who Transgress Gender Norms, was first introduced to the community of self-identifying transsexuals in March, 1998 on the event Patricia Aldridge hired Pichler as web master of the web site, The web site,, advertises Aldridge's business, the Take a Walk on the Wildside, Bed & Breakfast.

While Pichler worked for Patricia Aldridge, Pichler had unprecedented access to hundreds of so-called transgender males and transgender females within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). At the time Aldridge owned and operated the largest bed and breakfast service geared for transgender and transsexual patrons in Canada. Over the course of his tenure as web master on the domain,, Pichler was exposed to a number of individuals, including transsexuals, their wives, political activists, media personalities, academics and medical professionals in the trans health space.

On the event Patricia Aldridge checked into rehab on the West Coast in the Fall of 2002, Pichler launched a number of collaboration services on the domain,, to backfill the collaboration services hosted on the domain,, that were subsequently shut down. By 2003 the collaboration services on the domain,, were the largest in terms of active users than any other in Canada.

In addition to the collaboration services on the domain,, in 2002 Pichler began to pubish articles on the trans subject matter. From 2002 through 2005 Pichler published over 100 articles for what morphed into Transgression Magazine, interviewing over thirty self-identifying transsexuals, crossdressers, the spouses of male-to-female transsexuals, research professionals, medical practitioners dealing with transsexual patients, academics, feminists, and social workers. In addition to his own articles, Pichler also published articles written by a number of freelance journalists in the trans space, including female-to-male transsexual advocate, Jamison Green, as well as male-to-female transsexual advocate, Nancy Nangeroni.

From his research, Pichler came to the opinion that a surgical procedure of great interest to the transsexual community, gender reassignment surgery, is routinely performed based on medical misdiagnosis, without adequate screening procedures and with disastrous effects on its recipients.

Pichler found that male-to-female transsexuals that were effectively treated for ancillary mental disorders and took anticonvulsant medications, watched their proclivities towards a gender transition evaporate, indicating the underlying cause of transsexualism is in fact a mental disorder, an addiction, that can be effectively treated with medication.

In 2005 Pichler, through, began to advocate against public funding for gender reassignment surgery in Ontario. Pichler's message was that gender reassignment surgery is a dramatic and irreversible surgical procedure that should not be publicly funded until more research has been completed on the underlying psychological and medical need for the surgery and qualitative research on the effect of the surgery years after it is performed.

The Transsexual Delusion—The Men and Women Who Transgress Gender Norms

While serving as the editor of Transgression Magazine, Pichler developed the material for the book, The Transsexual Delusion—The Men and Women Who Transgress Gender Norms, which he published in 2008.


  • First author to report on transsexualism as a behavioral addiction, starting in 2008;
  • First author to coin the term autogynephilic addiction;
  • First author to report that on the event the disorder is properly managed Epilepsy is absent in the transsexual community, indicating transsexualism is not a natural condition at birth, like left-handedness or homosexuality, but rather a mental disorder.
  • First author to observe and report that the male-to-female ratio of transsexualism is virtually the same as other behavioral addictions, including pathological gambling addiction and sex addiction; [1] and
  • First author to identify medications that effectively treat the underlying cause of transsexual behavior with case studies as supporting material.


  1. Chinese Calendar: Year of the Rat
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Occupation: Software Geek
  4. Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  5. Citizenship: Canadian
  6. Languages: English, Français.

Thought Influencers (in no particular order)

  1. Richard Dawkins, Ph.D., evolutionist, renowned atheist
  2. Michio Kaku, Ph.D., theoretical physicist
  3. Seth Shostak, astrologist
  4. Neil deGrasse-Tyson, Ph.D., cosmologist
  5. Noam Chomsky, Ph.D., philosopher, cognitive scientist
  6. Michael Shermer, Editor, Skeptic Magazine
  7. Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor, author


Represented male to female transsexual, Nina Arsenault, as talent agent to Joe Blow Productions for a number of principal roles on the set of CTV Comedy's PUNCHED UP; August, 2005

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[1] Male to Female Raio of Pathological Transsexualism.