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Opinion: Critic of Walt Heyer cautions detransitions not to speak out against the transgender community

G Eugene Pichler

Sep 11, 2019

G Eugene Pichler comments on critic of Walt Heyer' letter, cautioning detransitions not to speak out against the transgender community.

Jul 31, 2015 12:00

Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer; courtesy

I am not a transitioner. I have never been a transitioner, amputating body parts. I have never effected a detransition from being one sex to go back to one's original sex, after undergoing gender affirming surgeries. I imagine that would physically be a difficult process and sympathize with anyone, whose addiction towards a gender transition caused them to mutilate their body contrary to their health interests in the pursuit of the impossible. In his letter published on, dated September 10, 2019, Abbley, Pansexual-Transgender Woman cautions detransitions not to speak out against the transgender community in a very public and damaging way as a number of transitioners are genuinely happy with their decisions. Abbley references Walt Heyer as example. [1]

Regarding the proposition that some people are genuinely happy effecting a gender transition, I disagree. It is not that simple. Gender transitioning is a behavioral addiction much like a sex addiction that in the absence of proper treatment never concludes well. Some people are in stage five of the addiction, Exhaustion, and are disinterested in further energies spent on transitioning, while some people are in stage four of the addiction, Rapid Cycling, and are seeking further surgeries and other things they can do to achieve the same level of transitioning satisfaction they felt after the first major surgery. In all cases a gender transition is effectively an out-of-control train to nowhere.

In all cases an individual who is sexually developed suffers from a behavioral addiction and not gender identity disorder. An Autoerotic Addiction disorder is routinely misdiagnosed as a Gender Identity disorder due to idealogical reasons. [2]

All of the transitioners I have met (some I interviewed) have one thing in common in their respective life history; they all had a relative on their father's side who struggled with addiction. whether the relative was a father, an uncle or a grandfather on their father's side. The reason is the gene that causes addiction is passed from father to child, three times more likely to be passed to a male child than a female child. That is why the male to female ratio of transsexualism has been for the longest time 3:1. Now, due to the rise of the Internet and awareness of the possibility to change sexes and the imbalance of social opportunities between the sexes the proportion of female transsexuals have risen slightly out of proportion. In many cases gender transitioners, themselves, suffer from a multitude of addictions, both substance addictions and behavioral addictions. The reason is addictions rarely occur in isolation.

As Abbley's posting was directed at Walt Heyer, I would like to thank Walt Heyer for his advocacy on the de-transition subject space as well as his personal efforts in caring for people like himself, whose transition became an out-of-control train to nowhere. Abbley is not doing people, who suffer from the same addiction he suffered from, any favors by affirming their transition as being well founded or appropriate for their respective health interests. On the contrary Abbley is contributing to their living, breathing delusion that one can be born in the wrong body and ultimately their life misery as their addiction advances to stage five.

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[1] Walt's letter, published September 10, 2019 [2] Material on Transsexualism as a Behavioral Addiction