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go deeper into communities exhibiting behavioral addictions

Transsexual Reveler at the 2005 edition of the Toronto Gay Pride Parade

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The Transsexual Delusion—The Men and Women Who Transgress Gender Norms

In the first volume of his book, The Transsexual Delusion—The Men and Women Who Transgress Gender Norms, G. Eugene Pichler looks at transsexualism as an autogynephilic, behavioral addiction, much like a sex addiction, Internet addiction or gambling addiction, which is caused by a faulty reward system in the human brain. Pichler further reports that the medications that effectively treat behavioral addictions show good results in treating transsexualism. In fact modern research shows that the drugs that effectively treat epilepsy treat behavioral addictions. Epilepsy, when properly managed, is virtually absent in the transsexual community, indicating transsexualism is a disorder and not a natural condition at birth, like left handedness.

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Dancing On The Periphery

In his fictional book, Dancing On The Periphery, G. Eugene Pichler follows the life of adult sex addict, Robert Listner. In the opening chapter we discover Listner in his natural element, attending a social gathering at Beverly Williams Powder Puff Room. The Powder Puff Room, is a business that caters to the local sado-masochistic community. At the culmination of the party Listner finds himself cuffed to a wooden cross at his own choosing along with a number of other professional men in a similar compromising position. A number of women dressed in leather tend to Listner and the other professionals in the room with horse crops and chains. The next day while on a subway train, overseeing what he believes to be an attempted robbery, Listner girlfriend surprises Listner. Clara randomly takes the same subway car as Listner, but he doesn't see Clara board the car. Just as Clara surprises Lilstner, the man who Listner thought was preparing to steal the handbag of a woman on the train, walks off the subway car and onto the platform. In fact, Listner routinely has paranoid episodes where he believes he is witnessing an imminent crime, a theft or assault, only to realize that a crime did not take place to his relief. Listner sees a psychiatrist, Dr. Klotz, for a bi-polar disorder, which emerged when Listner was only 26-years-old. Klotz prescribes anti depressants and mood stabilizers to Listner in a bid to keep Listner out of the hospital and out of trouble in society.

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The Transsexual Delusion—The Good Doctor

In the second volume of his book, The Transsexual Delusion—The Good Doctor, looks at the medical community that treats so-called Gender Identity Disorder (commonly referred to as gender dysphoria) and how transsexuals, themselves, have gradually taken over key positions in the medical community to dictate the medical protocols dealing with gender dysphoria.

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