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The Good Doctor


In the second volume of his book, The Transsexual Delusion—The Good Doctor, looks at the medical community that treats so-called Gender Identity Disorder (commonly referred to as gender dysphoria) and how transsexuals, themselves, have gradually taken over key positions in the medical community to dictate the medical protocols dealing with gender dysphoria.

In 2007 CTV News recognized Eugene Pichler, the author, as an expert on the trans subject matter. Prior to publishing the book, Acceptable Losses, in 2008 Pichler published numerous articles on the subject of transsexuality on . He has interviewed over thirty individuals, including transsexuals, political activists, media personalities, academics and medical professionals for the website. From his research, Pichler came to the opinion that a surgical procedure of great interest to the transsexual community, gender reassignment surgery, is often performed based on medical misdiagnosis, without adequate screening procedures and with disastrous effects on its recipients.

Pichler, through, began to advocate against public funding for gender reassignment surgery. Pichler's message was that gender reassignment surgery is a dramatic and irreversible surgical procedure that should not be publicly funded until more research has been completed on the underlying psychological and medical need for the surgery and the effect of the surgery.

Special thanks to clinical researcher, Maxine Petersen of the CAMH, Dr. J. Paul Federoff, M.D. of the Royal Ontario Hospital, Dr. Keith Loukes of the Sherbourne Health Centre, Rupert Raj of the Sherbourne Health Centre, Krista Scott-Dixon, Ph.D. York University, Shadmith Manzo of the TS Support Group of the 519 Community Centre, male to female transsexual Kassandra and male to female transsexual Michaela.

The book is not written exclusively for a transsexual audience, but rather anyone with an interest in the transsexual phenomenon.

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